ADAS Calibriation in Houston, TX

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Types of ADAS Calibration

There are a few different types of calibration that can be done on ADAS systems:

Camera calibration

This adjusts the focus, exposure and white balance of the cameras to ensure that they are all outputting accurate images.

Radar calibration

This calibrates the radar sensors to ensure that they are all detecting objects with the same accuracy.

Laser calibration

This adjusts the laser sensors to ensure that they are all detecting items accurately.

GPS calibration

This adjusts the GPS sensor to ensure that it is providing accurate location data.

Sensor alignment

This adjusts the position of the sensors so that they all capture data accurately.

Data fusion

This adjusts the way that different sensors work together to create a more accurate picture of the world.

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Additional ADAS Calibration

Each of these calibrations is important in order to ensure that the ADAS system is functioning as accurately as possible. By calibrating the system regularly, you can be sure that it is always providing precise information.


Services include:

  • Lane-keeping assistance
  • Cruise control
  • And more!

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